Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi all- I’m glad you are here to check out my everyday makeup routine. I tried to keep this video as simple, and quick, as possible. This routine takes me about 10-15 minutes each morning. Below is a list of each item used in this video. Most of the products used are easily found at a local drugstore, Target or Walmart.

NOTE: I cannot find the L’Oreal True match creme anymore (not even in store). I linked the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer instead.







My Favorite Perfumes

If you are still trying to think of a thoughtful Christmas gift for a special woman in your life, you might want to consider some perfume. I love receiving perfume as a gift. It is a gift that gets a great deal of use. I can tell you perfume is such a treat when you become a mother! There are so many every day purchases that trump perfume when you are living that mom life, so receiving it as a gift is seriously exciting.

Below are my favorite perfumes and a little description on each. Feel free to click the pictures, and purchase these amazing scents today. This post contains affiliate links.

First, Bvlgari Crystalline.. my love. I have tried so many different perfumes, and I will always come back to Bvlgari Crystalline. This is the cleanest, prettiest perfume I have ever worn. I get compliments regularly when I wear it. I now have several friends who have made the purchase, because it is seriously that good. You will not be disappointed!

Next, Marc Jacobs Daisy. This is also a light, clean scent. Daisy is very feminine and pretty. Daisy is my second favorite perfume of all time. I bought this for my mother, and she too loved it.

Next, is Gucci Guilty. This scent is more powerful and rich. I love to wear this perfume when I am getting dressed up for a wedding or holiday party. It almost feels ‘fancy’ on.

Next is Givenchy Play. This perfume is literally playful. It smells sweet and fun. I wore this when I was a little younger (in my twenties).

Last is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. This is a popular perfume. However, I was not the biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very strong, pretty smell. I thought it was a little too heavy.. like, I almost choked on it if I wore too much. I also noticed the scent changed, and got stronger, after sitting in the bottle for a while (a while meaning a year. This didn’t happen quickly.)

Let me know if you wear any of these perfumes, and enjoy them as much as I do. Also let me know if you decide to purchase one for a lucky lady in your life!

Jess. xo