Spring Shoes at Target!

I was at Target this weekend stocking up on baby supplies, like usual. I strolled past the shoe section, and saw so many cute spring shoes! I love when the new seasonal lines pop up in stores; it gets me excited about all the fun that comes with each new season. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and it is actually snowing again this weekend. Spring still feels far away, but seeing the brighter colors and lighter fabrics line the aisles of each store reminds me that it will be here soon.

We ended up in the shoe aisle, because we got to Target and realized our two year old was shoe-less. Most days we rock being a family of five and having three young children. Other days, we get to the store with a barefoot babe. You win some, you lose some!

I love purchasing shoes from Target. They are affordable, trendy and typically have really cute details. The spring line this year does not disappoint! There is an abundance of Berkinstock look-alike sandals, flip flops and canvas sneakers. I rounded up my favorites in the sneaker, slide and dress categories below. Check out your local Target for shelves packed with clearance items during this transitional time between seasons!

I love the first sneaker with the bow, ruffle detail. In store, they also had this style but in a thin blue and white fabric.. very nautical and spring-like!

Each of these slides are just adorable. I want all of them.

I love the neutral colored heels, but I also love this black and white patterned pair!

Happy shopping,

Jess. xo

Kids’ Thanksgiving Style

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away! Like most, I love spending time with my family. My father is such a great cook and I look forward to his grilled turkey and hand mashed potatoes each fall. Getting three children dressed and out the door is definitely a lot of work! I have their coordinating outfits ready to go this year. Christmas and Easter are the holidays when I splurge a bit more, and get a little more “fancy”. I like to keep Thanksgiving attire simple and affordable for our family.

Here is my Kaia girl in a chambray jumper from Target. Click here for this exact Cat & Jack jumper, or see the products below for a similar look.

Grayson James.. he gave me a run for my money trying to get a nice picture of him in his Thanksgiving outfit. Below is the best I could with my wild, almost-two-year old! I included a flat lay, so you could actually see the clothing. Yikes!

Last but not least, sweet Reece. He is seriously an angel! He is also rocking his big brother’s hand-me-down sweater, which is just life with three small children. I am happy we are getting another wear out of this collared sweater.

Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of these three cuties together, or our family of five, on Thanksgiving.. I won’t hold my breath though! I can’t blame my toddler for not wanting to sit still and pose. “Let them be little”, right!?

Jess. xo

November Style

I cannot believe October has come and gone. I enjoyed all things Halloween with my children, and am getting excited about the upcoming holiday season! I live in the Midwest, and our typical November weather has arrived. We have seen quite a bit of rain recently, gloomy days and much cooler temps.. like I have had to bust out my winter jacket already type of temps.

This is the outfit I wore for this chilly November day. This striped midi dress is comfortable and modest; ideal for a teacher. It has pockets, as well, which I think is a great touch. I wore my neutral Fendi scarf and Vince Camuto suede booties. I love how they coordinate so well! And the denim jacket… I feel as though this is a staple in a teacher’s wardrobe. I wear my denim jacket over a variety of dresses or sleeveless blouses. It allows me to generalize my clothing across the seasons and weather changes.

My dress is from the Fancy Frills Boutique, which you can view their website by clicking here, or their Instagram page by clicking here.

A similar dress and all other necessary products to create this look are linked above. Simply click each image to make purchases or gain more information.

Happy Friday Eve,

Jess. xo