My Favorite Perfumes

If you are still trying to think of a thoughtful Christmas gift for a special woman in your life, you might want to consider some perfume. I love receiving perfume as a gift. It is a gift that gets a great deal of use. I can tell you perfume is such a treat when you become a mother! There are so many every day purchases that trump perfume when you are living that mom life, so receiving it as a gift is seriously exciting.

Below are my favorite perfumes and a little description on each. Feel free to click the pictures, and purchase these amazing scents today. This post contains affiliate links.

First, Bvlgari Crystalline.. my love. I have tried so many different perfumes, and I will always come back to Bvlgari Crystalline. This is the cleanest, prettiest perfume I have ever worn. I get compliments regularly when I wear it. I now have several friends who have made the purchase, because it is seriously that good. You will not be disappointed!

Next, Marc Jacobs Daisy. This is also a light, clean scent. Daisy is very feminine and pretty. Daisy is my second favorite perfume of all time. I bought this for my mother, and she too loved it.

Next, is Gucci Guilty. This scent is more powerful and rich. I love to wear this perfume when I am getting dressed up for a wedding or holiday party. It almost feels ‘fancy’ on.

Next is Givenchy Play. This perfume is literally playful. It smells sweet and fun. I wore this when I was a little younger (in my twenties).

Last is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. This is a popular perfume. However, I was not the biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very strong, pretty smell. I thought it was a little too heavy.. like, I almost choked on it if I wore too much. I also noticed the scent changed, and got stronger, after sitting in the bottle for a while (a while meaning a year. This didn’t happen quickly.)

Let me know if you wear any of these perfumes, and enjoy them as much as I do. Also let me know if you decide to purchase one for a lucky lady in your life!

Jess. xo

Gift Guide for Little Ones

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone! How is it December!? I have been making lists for family members who have asked what my three children would like for Christmas this year. I thought I would share some gift ideas, that I think, would be perfect for a five year old, two year old and one year old.

Click each Target product below for pricing, or to make purchases!
This post contains affiliate links.

For the five year old | School-aged child

The Barbie Dream House.. all Kaia has asked for the past two years. She is lucky she has a fun uncle, Uncle Billy, because he loves Christmas and gift giving. He is way too generous, but I am so grateful to have such a loving, big brother! His little Kaia girl is getting her dream house this winter, thanks to him!

A bed canopy:

All of my kids would love a tent. These ones are affordable and come in a variety of colors/animals.

A Razor Scooter.. Kaia loves her scooter! They are on sale for $35.99 right now, too.

LOL Surprise Dolls. Have you heard of them!? Kaia loves unwrapping the layers of plastic, finding the hidden accessories and finally discovering which doll is inside. Some even color change.. oh my!

Kaia is starting to get into board games, which is so fun. Candy Land is a great game to introduce rules, turn taking and how to be a good sport! Some in our house might just struggle with that concept.

-Art/craft set
-Build-a-Bear gift card
-Wubble Bubble

For a Two Year Old | Toddler

Grayson would love a small trampoline, like this.

Grayson loves riding on Kaia’s Mini Mouse train, so I know he would love to have one of his own!

A lawn mower that makes real sounds.

-Sing a long DVDs
-train table and train cars
-small slide
-small basketball hoop

Gifts for a Baby | One Year+

Step2 car with handle.. great for family walks and outdoor play.

We love our water table with the umbrella.

My little ones have all had so much fun with toys that pop colorful balls for them to chase.

-a piggy bank
-a tent and/or tunnel to climb through
-a baby walker
-bath toys

Gifts we have received (or asked for) for all of our children to share!

We had so much fun this past summer on our backyard roller coaster.

Looking forward to filling our crab sandbox this upcoming summer, since our boys will be a little older.

We use our picnic table with an umbrella often too.

Looking to add this to our fleet of plastic goodness.. our toddler does not sit in the stroller for long. A double wagon would be great for us!

Can’t beat free shipping during the holiday season! Shop from home and have it delivered to your doorstep.

I hope you found this visual guide helpful! I try so hard to select thoughtful gifts, and embrace the season of giving, without allowing myself to overthink, or become too stressed. I hope you can do the same!

Jess. xo

Hobby Lobby Holiday Finds

I popped in several stores this past weekend in search of some new holiday decor. One of my biggest retail pet peeves is when “All holiday items on sale!” means you get 50% off an absolutely overpriced wreath. At this point in my life, $100 seasonal wreaths aren’t in the budget.

While Hobby Lobby definitely had some similar “sales” going on, I did manage to find a few new pieces to add to my holiday decor. Everything holiday was, in fact, 50% off, which makes this momma happy! My children are very young. We pay quite a bit each month in child care, we have two babies in diapers and our littlest guy still receives formula. I am cautious with my spending, because we have a lot of ‘young family costs’ at this time in our lives. Purchasing seasonal decor is not necessary; it is simply a want. This is why getting 50% off each item makes me feel better about making these fun purchases!

I posted this on my Instagram account; I absolutely love it! This solid wood pallet wall art looks so pretty above our fireplace. This piece was $40.

I love the quotes on these throw pillows. With the sale, I purchased these for $12 each.

These are the items I purchased for my dining room. I love the plaid runner (about $7), the wooden deer ($7 and $5) and the small, furry Christmas tree ($5). I think the fur resembles a deer, which is why I love these items together!

We enjoy adding a little to our decor collection each year. Let me know if you have found any good deals, or great pieces to add to your decoration collection!

Jess. xo