Target Affiliate.. Hear Me Out!

Hi everyone! I have recently become a Target Affiliate, which I am SO excited about. My family is very young, so we literally live at Target. Some of you may have noticed a trend while visiting my blog; many of my clothes, home items and even groceries come from Target!

This new opportunity allows me to post current sales, or great Target finds on my blog. It also allows me to earn a small commission if you choose to click, shop or make purchases on the items I share with you. I plan to share a new Target post each Sunday, letting you know the current sales you should totally take advantage of;
like this one:
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Target gift cards are ideal for: your nieces, nephews, child’s teacher, coaches, babysitters… etc.
Check back with me regularly for Target sales, gift card opportunities & great finds I think you would love!

Jess. xo

So PLAID You’re here!

I love planning my babies’ birthday parties; like, oddly enjoy it. We are in the midst of planning a combined first and second birthday party for our sons, Grayson and Reece. I love themed parties, and smile when I look back just one year to Grayson’s first birthday bash.

We planned a lumberjack themed winter brunch for our sweet boy! I am going to apologize in advance; the quality of the pictures below is less than stellar. Gaze through the grainy haze and take a look at some of the fun details that went into Grayson’s lumberjack first birthday celebration!

It definitely helped that Grayson’s birthday is in December.. all the Christmas decor went with our theme.

Big sister, Kaia in her flannel!

Grayson woke with a fever, right as guests arrived. He pretty much slept through his whole party. We managed to sing ‘Happy Birthday,. Poor guy!

Naturally, mustaches were provided!

Hoping Grayson can indulge in the festivities at his second birthday party!

Jess. xo

Hobby Lobby Holiday Finds

I popped in several stores this past weekend in search of some new holiday decor. One of my biggest retail pet peeves is when “All holiday items on sale!” means you get 50% off an absolutely overpriced wreath. At this point in my life, $100 seasonal wreaths aren’t in the budget.

While Hobby Lobby definitely had some similar “sales” going on, I did manage to find a few new pieces to add to my holiday decor. Everything holiday was, in fact, 50% off, which makes this momma happy! My children are very young. We pay quite a bit each month in child care, we have two babies in diapers and our littlest guy still receives formula. I am cautious with my spending, because we have a lot of ‘young family costs’ at this time in our lives. Purchasing seasonal decor is not necessary; it is simply a want. This is why getting 50% off each item makes me feel better about making these fun purchases!

I posted this on my Instagram account; I absolutely love it! This solid wood pallet wall art looks so pretty above our fireplace. This piece was $40.

I love the quotes on these throw pillows. With the sale, I purchased these for $12 each.

These are the items I purchased for my dining room. I love the plaid runner (about $7), the wooden deer ($7 and $5) and the small, furry Christmas tree ($5). I think the fur resembles a deer, which is why I love these items together!

We enjoy adding a little to our decor collection each year. Let me know if you have found any good deals, or great pieces to add to your decoration collection!

Jess. xo