November Style

I cannot believe October has come and gone. I enjoyed all things Halloween with my children, and am getting excited about the upcoming holiday season! I live in the Midwest, and our typical November weather has arrived. We have seen quite a bit of rain recently, gloomy days and much cooler temps.. like I have had to bust out my winter jacket already type of temps.

This is the outfit I wore for this chilly November day. This striped midi dress is comfortable and modest; ideal for a teacher. It has pockets, as well, which I think is a great touch. I wore my neutral Fendi scarf and Vince Camuto suede booties. I love how they coordinate so well! And the denim jacket… I feel as though this is a staple in a teacher’s wardrobe. I wear my denim jacket over a variety of dresses or sleeveless blouses. It allows me to generalize my clothing across the seasons and weather changes.

My dress is from the Fancy Frills Boutique, which you can view their website by clicking here, or their Instagram page by clicking here.

A similar dress and all other necessary products to create this look are linked above. Simply click each image to make purchases or gain more information.

Happy Friday Eve,

Jess. xo

Weekends are for family… and laundry.

Now that we are a family of five, the laundry seems to be never ending. Our new house has a laundry chute, which is awesome! However, the heaping basket that greets me in the laundry room can be overwhelming. I do not have any tips or tricks to make the laundry load feel lighter, but I do have a little secret that leaves our clothes and towels feeling soft and smelling so fresh!

When laundry detergent is on my shopping list, I literally look for the brand that is on sale. We use Tide, Gain, Arm & Hammer… etc. We are fortunate that overly sensitive skin or allergies is not an issue for our family when selecting detergents. My secret lies in the fabric softener. I add Snuggle Blue Sparkle softener to every single load. I can pair it with any detergent I find on sale, and the result is always the same. When I pull my warm laundry out of the dryer, it smells so fresh and clean. You can literally smell that fresh scent when you enter the room I am folding the laundry in.

I have always used fabric softener or softener beads. The liquid Snuggle Blue Sparkle is like magic. In my opinion, it works the best of them all! If you have to wash, dry and fold the laundry, might as well have something to be overly pleased about. For me, it’s that soft, clean smell.

Let me know if you have any laundry tips or tricks.

Jess. xo