So PLAID You’re here!

I love planning my babies’ birthday parties; like, oddly enjoy it. We are in the midst of planning a combined first and second birthday party for our sons, Grayson and Reece. I love themed parties, and smile when I look back just one year to Grayson’s first birthday bash.

We planned a lumberjack themed winter brunch for our sweet boy! I am going to apologize in advance; the quality of the pictures below is less than stellar. Gaze through the grainy haze and take a look at some of the fun details that went into Grayson’s lumberjack first birthday celebration!

It definitely helped that Grayson’s birthday is in December.. all the Christmas decor went with our theme.

Big sister, Kaia in her flannel!

Grayson woke with a fever, right as guests arrived. He pretty much slept through his whole party. We managed to sing ‘Happy Birthday,. Poor guy!

Naturally, mustaches were provided!

Hoping Grayson can indulge in the festivities at his second birthday party!

Jess. xo